Monday 1 December 2014

December 2014 Mammal of the Month

We're pleased to announce that our Mammal of the Month for December is the harvest mouse! 
Harvest Mouse Nest - Photo Credit Amanda Lloyd

Our top five harvest mouse facts are: 
  • They have 2-3 litters a year 
  • They weigh just 4-6 g on average 
  • Spotting a nest is the easiest way to detect their presence. These are built at least 30 cm above ground in grasses or reeds and can be up to 10 cm in diameter for a breeding nest 
  • They have prehensile tails - useful for climbing! 
  • They live 18 months on average. 

Find out more about the species with the Mammal Society's fact sheet and don't forget to record any sightings or signs of these or any other mammals for us here

Committee member Amanda Lloyd is carrying out research into harvest mice - you may have seen her requests for volunteers to help out with surveys. Why not help out - a great chance to learn more about these tiny rodents!