Tuesday 1 September 2015

September 2015 Mammal of the Month - The Muntjac Deer

Photo Credit: Mel Orros

Our September mammal of the month is the muntjac deer. Here are our top five muntjac facts:

1. They are native to China but were deliberately introduced into the wild in England in 1901 close to Woburn Abbey

2. They breed all year round

3. They don't form herds - if you see a group together it is likely to be a mother and her kid

4. They are only little! In size they are just a little larger than a fox and weigh under 20 kg.

5. Males have long, protruding canines - you should be able to spot these in a photo or if you spot one in the wild, even at a distance.

Check out the Mammal Society’s fact sheet for the species to learn more.

Please record any sightings of muntjac or any other mammals for us here. Every record counts!